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Last week, Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab reported that a new variant of the Rakhni ransomware trojan had been identified in the wild. Unlike previous versions, which encrypted the user’s data until a ransom was paid to unlock it, the updated malware now has the capability to install cryptocurrency mining software on infected machines. According […]

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On Monday, popular online Ethereum wallet interface MyEtherWallet revealed on Twitter that the platform had been targeted by hackers using the popular Hola VPN extension for Google’s Chrome browser. The attackers gained access to Hola’s network for around five hours, and appear to have actively logged user activity on MyEtherWallet. Given the client-side design of […]

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Yesterday, Israel-based cryptocurrency exchange Bancor revealed that their platform had been broken into by hackers, resulting in the loss of 24,984 ETH — about $12.5 million — from one of the company’s reserves. The thieves also stole roughly $1 million in NPXS tokens from the exchange. Bancor claims that no user wallets were accessed during […]

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Earlier this week, Japanese authorities sentenced 24-year old programmer Masato Yasuda to one year in prison following his conviction for secretly installing cryptocurrency mining programs on his victims’ computers. While some details of the case have yet to be released, it appears that Yasuda embedded the Coinhive JavaScript library inside a cheat tool he created […]

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Last week, Dutch computer security researcher Remco Verhoef discovered a new malware targeted at a fairly specific group: Mac OSX users who frequent cryptocurrency-focused Slack and Discord channels. Outlined in a post on BleepingComputer, the exploit — nicknamed OSX.Dummy, after a folder it creates in the infected machine’s hard drive — is unusual in that […]

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Users of Windows-based cryptocurrency wallets have a new token-stealing malware to worry about. First reported by BleepingComputer late last week, the malware waits until a cryptocurrency address is copied into the infected machine’s clipboard, then replaces the destination address with a similar-looking one controlled by the attacker. While this kind of malicious program has been […]

Last week, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb revealed the theft of around $31 million (34 billion KRW) from their system. The exchange was vague on the details of the security breech, including the type and amount of stolen tokens, suggesting that an investigation was still ongoing. Earlier today, Bithumb published an update claiming that roughly […]

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Last week, computer security researcher Matthew Hickey revealed that a glitch in iOS — the operating system found on iPhones and iPads — enables an attacker to quickly brute-force their way through all possible passcodes. According to Hickey, the hack allows anyone with access to a computer and a Lightning cable to unlock an iOS […]

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Last week, an employee of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bitkoex leaked the private account details of 19 customers during a group chat on social messaging platform KakaoTalk. The leak included the real names and email addresses of Bitkoex customers who had balances of Karma (KRM) tokens, as well as their public wallet addresses and private […]

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Earlier today, researchers at cybersecurity firm Deep Instinct revealed the existence of a previously unknown Window’s malware with a level of complexity and sophistication “never seen in the wild before.” Named after one of the researcher’s dogs, “MyloBot” is a truly diabolical combination of a botnet (which create swarms of infected “zombie” computers used in […]