Congratulations on your purchase!

Follow these quick and easy steps to get your Blackbird device up and running

  1. Remove and verify the accessories that are included.
  2. Your Blackbird device will have some charge from the manufacturing process and testing. We recommend that you connect your device to a USB port (laptop, mobile phone charger, battery pack, etc.) with the provided USB charging cable for at least 30 minutes before proceeding.
  3. Choose to “Create New Wallet” if you are creating a new wallet or “Import a Wallet” if you are restoring a pre-existing wallet from another device.
  4. Give your wallet a name, such as “Everyday,” or “Holiday Wallet,” and confirm the name by selecting the “>” icon, top right of the screen.
  5. Next, you will need to secure your new wallet by creating a four-digit security code.
  6. Confirm the security code by entering the same four digits.
  7. After your Blackbird device confirms that your wallet has been successfully created, proceed by tapping the “Continue” button.
  8. Upon creating your wallet you will need to pair your Blackbird device to your mobile phone. In order to do this, your Blackbird device should be in pairing mode.
  9. From your mobile phone settings menu, choose “Bluetooth” to discover available devices:
  10. Once you click on the “Blackbird Device” option, your mobile phone will start the pairing process. After a few moments, your mobile phone will display a passkey code, such as “667161.” Enter your code into your Blackbird device, then tap “>” to continue.
  11. After a short period, your Blackbird device will display “Passkey correct” if the key was entered correctly. Tap “Continue” to land on the Home Page.
  12. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android device, download and install the Blackbird Tethering App. Once downloaded, install and then open the app.
  13. Your Blackbird device will now communicate with the Blockchain network to ensure it’s fully up to date with all transactions that relate to your wallet. Once this short synchronization process is complete, the status bar will display “Synchronized.”
  14. Congratulations! Your Blackbird device is now fully configured to send and receive payments.

  1. From the included accessories, locate your recovery seed card.
  2. On the Blackbird wallet select the Settings option on the Homepage centre menu.
  3. Choose WALLET, then BACKUP.
  4. Choose the Mnemonic (Word Phrase) menu.
  5. The Blackbird will now present your recovery seed, word by word.
  6. Click NEXT after each word has been accurately recorded on your recovery seed card until all 24 words have been written down.
  7. Once complete, tap the < icon to return to the settings menu.

  1. Tap the Receive icon.
  2. Your Blackbird device will now present a QR code for your wallet, along with a human-readable version at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Present this QR code to the person sending you a payment.
  4. After a short period of time, your Blackbird device will return to the Home Page, showing the new balance of your wallet.

  1. Tap the Transfer icon.
  2. Enter a BTC value up to the available balance of your wallet, then confirm by selecting the “>” icon.
  3. Your Blackbird QR scanner camera will now activate. Position your Blackbird so that it is able to scan the QR code you wish to send your payment to.
  4. Once a valid QR wallet address has been scanned, you will be presented with a “Send Review” page where you can edit the fees (in order to determine how fast or slow the payment should move through the network in relation to the fee that will be paid) and add notes to the transaction. Tap “>” to finalize the payment, send, and return back to the Home Page.

It is recommended to occasionally check for updated firmware for the Blackbird. Such firmware updates may include improvements to the user interface, support for additional cryptocurrencies, expanded compatibility with other systems, general improvements, or important fixes.

  1. From Settings menu, choose About, to determine the firmware version your device is using.
  2. Visit to compare your version with the latest firmware version available. If a newer version is available, download it and extract the files to the SD card provided for firmware upgrades.
  3. Ensure your device has at least 50% charge or plug your device into a charger. A battery shutdown during the upgrade process will render your device completely inoperable.
  4. Power down your Blackbird by long pressing the power button. Insert the MicroSD card into the card. Power on your Blackbird to update the firmware. After the update is complete, remove the MicroSD card and store it for future updates.